You are very welcome to come and meet with us at any of our services.

If you would like to know more about the services and events that we run at our church here in Ealing take a look at our calendar below or feel free to contact us.

New: We’re starting up some regular Prayer Sessions over the next few weeks

The Breaking of Bread

On a Sunday morning we meet together to remember Jesus’ sacrifice with a communion service where we share bread and wine as symbols of Jesus’ sacrifice. We call this the “Breaking of Bread”, which is what the First Century Christians often called it.

Our Sunday Morning service is the main meeting of our church, it is a time of meditation and reflection.

We sing hymns, pray together and read the bible. There is a central talk called an exhortation which reminds us what our lives as Christians should and could be like.

The Breaking of Bread is the most important part of our meeting, it is the way that we remember together the death of Jesus and all that this means to us. And it’s a way of rededicating our lives to Him.

Those who share the bread and wine as it is passed round have committed their lives to Jesus, been baptised and share the same beliefs.

The Bible Hour

Most Sundays, we also have a Bible Hour at either 9.30am or 2.00pm. We use this time to learn more about the Bible and think about the practical ways we can apply its teaching to our lives.

This often takes the form of a talk or discussion groups where we consider a particular topic from the Bible. Everyone is free to join in, comment or ask a question! Look at our calendar to see what the topic is for this week’s Bible Hour.

this week

Sunday 28th April 11am
Breaking of Bread

coming up

6th-8th July
Ealing Holiday

Sat 28th July
Volleyball in the Park

Sat 18th August
Creative Church

Sat 8th September
Garden Party

Sat 13th October
Games Afternoon